Terms of Service

Like every other business, My Gold Rev has put forward a few particular terms of service which every customer of ours will have to abide by if they want to do business with us. These terms and conditions which are below can’t be altered under any circumstances.

Online investors’ packages

We understand that everyone wants to invest differently. Hence, we have different set of packages for you to choose on whichever suits your requirements perfectly. However, any occurrence of loss in these online investments is solely your responsibility. The company is not liable for any loss which occurs during your trading period.

Payments should be done through bank transfers depending on the investment package you choose. Once you make the payment, we are not responsible for any unfavorable circumstances. To start trading, at first you will have to create an account with us by registering with all required information.

After getting your account details, you will have to deposit the amount according to your chosen package and only then you can start trading. Furthermore, your package and amount cannot be transferred to any other person with or without your consent.

Content available on our website

The information which you come across on our website is not always accurate and it does not guarantee any expected rate of future earnings. Content found on our website is for general public’s knowledge. Moreover, we can change available content any time we want without offering prior notice to any of our registered members.

The information provided by us or any third party doesn’t stand as a warranty or guarantee of any kind when it comes to earning a profit or loss after trading takes place. By registering with us you are acknowledging the fact that content you come across in this website might have some inaccuracies, and for which our company My Gold Rev is not liable in any way if an investor faces any problem.

Therefore, if you agree with all these terms of services you are welcomed to register yourself and become a member of our esteemed organization, which is a ticket for you to become an online investor.

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